Why You Should Learn Coding?


I'm not a programmer. So I don't have any interest in learning how to code. But that doesn't stop me from loving apps and games that were created by people who know how to code.

So why should you learn to code? Because it's fun! And also, because it helps you think in new ways—you'll find yourself thinking about coding problems differently than before, which can lead to better solutions for those problems (or at least better ones).

Plus, once you learn how to code, tons of other languages out there use the same concepts (like HTML5), so if one language isn't enough for what you need,, then move on to another one!

It's a fun way to challenge your brain

If you're like me, you love to learn new things. So you've probably spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials and reading books that teach coding languages like JavaScript, Python, or Ruby.

Coding is a fun way to challenge your brain and make it more robust in the process. It can sometimes be frustrating and tedious, but there are rewards: learning how to problem solve; thinking in new ways; feeling confident when talking about complex topics with others who share common interests (like programming).

It helps you think in new ways

Learning to code is about more than learning a language. It's about thinking in new ways, looking at problems in new ways, and solving them in new ways.

Learning to code will teach you that your brain is better at solving problems than most people think. You'll learn how to reason through solutions by breaking down the problem into its parts, then build up until you can see the whole picture clearly.

Coding also introduces you to many different problem-solving techniques: analogies (which are often helpful), mental models (which help us understand how things work), and cause/effect diagrams (which show relationships between things). These tools can be used as part of any project or idea development process—they're not just for programmers!

You can make apps and games

You can make apps and games.

You know how it is, you find yourself playing a game on your phone, and then you want to play it again? Or do you want to add some new features? Well, with coding, you can do that! You can make your own app or game from scratch. Maybe you already have an idea for an app or game but don't know how to make it happen. Well, now it's time for action!

Learn coding skills that will help you at work

Coding skills are in high demand. In fact, jobs related to coding are the fastest-growing job category of the decade.

Coding has become an essential part of our everyday lives, and it's only going to get more important as time goes on. But, if you're not sure what kind of work coding can help you do, here are some reasons why learning how to code can benefit your career:

  • Learning how to code is a great way to learn how to solve problems at work.* As technology advances at an unprecedented rate and new technologies emerge every day, it becomes increasingly essential for people who want careers in this field (and those who don't) like—to have some understanding of programming languages like Python or JavaScript; otherwise, they'll be left behind by their peers who do know these languages well enough already! There are many advantages one gets out of studying computers, too: For example, when one learns about algorithms used by computer scientists around the world - such as those found within Google searches - then there's no doubt whatsoever about its usefulness once applied elsewhere."

Once you know how to code, other programming languages are easy. With just a little bit of studying and practice, you can learn HTML5 and CSS3 quickly. And because they're both basically the same thing—just different syntax—you won't have to waste time learning one before the other!

This is especially true if you're looking for something new in your career or want something new for yourself (like me!).

Learning to code will help you learn more quickly.

Learning to code will help you learn more quickly.

Let’s face it: learning a programming language is not easy. It takes time and effort, but once you’ve learned the basics and are comfortable with them, they become second nature.

As an added benefit of coding skills, they can also help strengthen your logical thinking skills by making you more aware of how computers work under the hood—and what goes into making them work well for users (or even just for themselves).

Learning two or three languages simultaneously is possible! In fact, some people do this by using different software platforms such as Scratch (a visual programming language) or Codeacademy (an online coding Bootcamp).

This allows them access not only to different languages but also different ways of thinking about creating software applications in general; since each one uses its own unique syntaxes depending on what kind of program language we're talking about here (e.,g., HTML vs. JavaScript), being able formulating ideas effectively within these types requires practice over time before becoming proficient enough at either one. Hence, as not make mistakes when trying out something new later down the line."

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