10 Amazing Facts About Human Body

Do you know?

The fingers of your hand are used for many things. But these fingers have no muscles. Yes, you read right! Bones and tendons control the movement of your fingers. According to the National Rehabilitation Centre of Washington, the therapist Laurier Rogers, if we lose the little finger of our hand, then we lose almost 50% of our hand's strength.

1. Your body position affects your memory

Have you ever thought that the way you sit can significantly impact your body? Yes, it's true. But do you know bad posture is not the only reason for back pain? The main reason for back pain is our lousy posture.

According to a 2012 biofeedback article, it is clear that when we sit by bending our back and looking down, then our brain remembers more negative memories and also focuses on negative situations only.

Whereas when we sit straight and look up or in the front, our brain triggers more positive emotions, and we remember not only positive memories but also create positive memories.

2. Miracle of body cells

According to a 2011 study published by Environmental science and technology our body sheds 0.03 to 0.09 grams of skin per hour. All our dead cells get replaced by new cells.

That is, incomplete lifetime we shed 35 kg skin, or roughly we shed skin half the weight of our body. For doing so, our body reproduces 3.8 million cells per second. Isn't it amazing!

3. You are unique

Yes, we have heard this sentence a lot of times. It's the sentence told to us because we should not compare ourselves to anyone else. And to give us a feeling that we are unique.

These are all for our mental personality. But are you aware that there are significantly fewer factors in the human body that make us unique because we all are humans and have the same functions?

Our exterior looks and body shape keep on changing, but other than that, three things make you unique. You must be aware of the first two things that are our fingerprints and our eyes.

They both are also used for privacy purposes. But are you aware that the print of your tongue, which is due to the taste buds and receptors arranged on your language, is also your uniqueness that cannot match any other person? Yes! It's an unbelievable fact.

4. The power of human hair

Are you aware that all the hairs you see on your body are dead? Yes, it is valid and active hair is present inside the scalp, which determines our hair growth. But still, we put a lot of effort into maintaining our dead hairs.

Whereas we should take care of our scalp very well. According to the researchers, if our hairs are 100% healthy, then all our hair can together have the potential to pick two elephants. Wow! 2 elephants it's a lot of weight, and indeed our hair must be robust.

According to the psychologist, mostly when people meet each other, especially when females meet, they notice the hair of the other person first and then the rest of the things. If you take good care of your hair, you attract more people. But it is only possible when you have a good hairstyle and your hair is very healthy and robust.

Unfortunately, nowadays, most people experience hair thinning, hair loss, bad hair health, receding hairline, etc. It is due to a lousy diet, nutrition, biological issue, no hair care, shortage of biotin, awful lifestyle, etc. So start taking good care of your hair if you want to give an excellent impression to the person you meet. Also, have a good diet.

5. The hydrochloric acid

In our human digestive system, we have hydrochloric acid in our stomach. Hydrochloric acid can dissolve metal. Also, our body uses hydrochloric acid to digest and dissolve metals, and it is present in our gut. Isn't it risky?

How can an acid that can dissolve metals also be present in our stomach, and we are still alive. But it does not damage our stomach? The answer is No.

Our stomach walls have a layer of mucus that protects our stomach from such acid. But it doesn't mean that you can start eating metals. It's just that we have an acid which is cable to do so. But we cannot eat metals.

6. You are taller in the morning than you are at night

Is our height keep on changing? Is it so that our size can also reduce? The answer to this is a partial yes. I know it is unbelievable that you look taller in the morning than at night. This is because the activity you do all day puts pressure on your joints.

Due to this, the cartilage in your spine starts compressing, and your height looks a bit less. But don't worry because it cannot be understood without measurement with scale.

So when you sleep, your body gets relaxed and releases pressure from your spine, resulting in your original height. That is, in the morning, you are back to your actual size. So that's the reason why I said that the statement is partially correct.

There is no biological reason for the decrease of one's height. It's due to the external pressure applied to our body by us. And no need to worry because your original height will return.

7. Growth organs

All our organs grow with time. But do you know that the size of our eyes does not change from your birth till your death? Whereas our ears and nose keep on growing all our life, The regeneration power of our liver is very strong.

If due to any injury, if you damage 50% of your liver the remaining 50% mass, your body will reach and recover 50% of your liver by bringing it to its original form.

Therefore take good care of your eyes because that's the only thing that never grows and cannot be recovered, regenerated, or improved with time.

8. Second brain

You must have heard the concept of "Butterflies in the stomach" when you go on the first date or before doing any exciting work. You must have felt a sensation in your stomach, and it's not a myth.

The reason behind this is the connection of the neurons present in your stomach, which the scientist called " The second brain of the body".

Your gut not only handles your digestion but other than your brain, it is the only organ that has its nervous system. In your gut wall, more than a hundred million neurons are present.

Your second brain is also critical and helpful. Therefore, even if your brain does not communicate with your stomach, your stomach can also carry out all its function very quickly. So never underestimate your gut feeling.

9. Less sleep, fast death

Generally, according to the people, the human body needs only food, water, and air to survive. But the fourth most important factor is our sleep.

You will be astonished to know that you can live many weeks without food, but without sleep, you can die early. According to science, you can live only 11 days without sleeping, and many researchers have shown that while sleeping, the body releases growth hormone, which helps your body grow.

Therefore the importance of sleep is much more than you think. Therefore, the right time and the right amount of sleep are necessary, and one should never sacrifice their sleep because it directly impacts their health and life. If you want to live longer and healthier, sleep is a must.

10. Hardest substance in the body

Which is the hardest substance, according to you, in our body? Am sure it's not easy to answer but give it a try. ow let me tell you. the hardest substance in the human body is the enamel which is the outermost layer of teeth.

Yes, you are right! Tat is we both have the same strength in our teeth. Cording to scientists, human teeth and Shark teeth are vital in the same amount. S  we need to take care of our most critical part very well.

You can easily damage it. If you have a habit of brushing your teeth very fast, you are hurting the most vital part of your body because due to this, the layer on your teeth gets deteriorates, which makes your teeth very sensitive, so your teeth start feeling hot cold.

And do you know the first thing a person notices in the other person is their teeth? Stake good care of your teeth and have a good impression on others. 

And finally, here is the end of the article. H pe that now you are aware of some amazing facts about the human body. H pe this article helped you and gave you some knowledge. 

So what are you waiting for? Have fun asking these interesting facts to your friends and family? You till then keep learning and growing brighter. 

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