10 Ways To Hide Your Feelings For Someone

I know it's hard to hide your feelings for someone and even more complex when they're right in front of you all the time. I've compiled a list of 10 ways to make it easier for you to keep your cool and hopefully let them slip past without anything being said.

1. Avoid them

If you don't want someone to know how you feel, the easiest way to hide it is to avoid them. This can be not easy if you work together or see each other often, but it's an excellent way to put some distance between you and your feelings.

2. Play hard to get

If you play a little hard to get, it will let them know that you don't need them. This is an easy way to hide your feelings without being too obvious about the fact that you're trying not to show how much you care.

3. Be vague about your feelings

You can still sort of show that you like them without actually saying anything. If you change the subject when they're around or avoid talking about your personal life, it will let them know that you're trying to hide something.

4. Make snide remarks about them

If you can't stand someone, be open about how much you dislike them. This is an easy way to seem like you're not trying to hide anything and that you don't care who knows it.

5. Be aloof and distant

If you seem like you're too cool for someone, they'll know that your feelings aren't genuine and that there's no reason to worry about them showing through. This is an excellent way to let them know you're too good for them.

6. Don't compliment them

No one likes to be told they aren't good enough, so if you refuse to give someone the compliments, they deserve it will make them realize that your feelings are shallow and fake. This is a great way to let them know this isn't serious.

7. Stop being nice

If you stop being so lovely, they'll know it's not sincere and that you're trying to hide the fact that you don't like them or care about their feelings. This is an easy way to show them this isn't serious.

8. Act uninterested

Acting uninterested is a great way to make them know that you don't need them. This will let them know that your feelings aren't severe or legitimate, and anyone would be lucky to have someone like you.

9. Argue with them all the time

If you find yourself arguing with them all the time, it will let them know that you don't care about their feelings. This is a great way to show them how uninterested you are in them and your relationship.

10. Show your independence

Showing your independence can let someone know that this doesn't affect you and that there's nothing to worry about no matter what happens. It will also clarify that this isn't something you need or want from them.


There are many ways to hide our feelings for someone. The key is to implement them all together. It can be achieved by creating adequate excuses, not revealing too much about yourself, and keeping your mind busy. If you want to keep the loved one hidden from anyone else, try keeping interactions at a distance or behind closed doors.

You can also use body language and change your appearance to better suit your needs. In the end, it is essential to find what works best for you and keep up with the routine.

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