How To Earn Money Online Easily Step By Step Guide?

Are you guys desperate to earn money online? Tired of high competition freelancing? Want to earn money online the easy way?

Before moving to the main point, I would like to explain how these online tasks work. You may have information about different freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Workchest, and Upwork. You have to create an account on these sites, then hunt for clients and complete the given tasks within the given timeline to get paid.

Moreover, these websites are so saturated that you guys hardly get noticed by people. 

Gone are the days you had to chase clients, complete tasks in the given timeline, work like a horse to get paid.

Today I'll be sharing a new platform where you can do tasks instantly and get paid immediately. You can work almost anytime and anywhere to complete the given tasks, and you get paid instantly where you can add cash to your wallet and withdraw it with ease.

What are Picoworkers?

Picoworkers is an online marketplace where people post their tasks to the audience to complete them. The more tasks you complete, the more you get paid.

Pico is a scientific notation used to significantly smaller values. The same is the case with Picoworkers; they provide tasks with a very low pay rate. But nothing to worry about here; these tasks are relatively easier to do as they don't require much time. These tasks generally take a minute or two, and you get paid instantly.

These tasks generally include 

  • Liking or upvoting a post
  • Subscribing a channel
  • Writing a comment or a review
  • Downloading and Installing an application.

How to get started with Picoworkers?

In this step, I'll explain how to get started with Picoworkers.

  • Go to the signup page by just clicking this link>SignUp.
  • After signing up, you will see a page where you will be able to see a header with FIND JOBS. 
  • Below you will see a filter with the title categories
  • Select any category you would want to work on, and you will be able to see tasks related to the category you've selected
  • Complete any of the tasks, and you will see the payment in your pending column
  • After your task has been verified, the payment will transfer into your earned section, and you can withdraw this amount.

How to withdraw payment from Picoworkers?

To withdraw your payment from Picoworkers, you will need a 0s task submissions time and a minimum of $5 in your wallet.

Initially, your task submission time is set to 180s, but as you keep on working, your task submission time will reduce by 10s with every task completed.

To withdraw your cash, follow the below steps:

  • Maintain 0s task submission time.
  • Minimum $5 in your wallet.
  • Go to your wallet and request withdrawal.
  • Select the method by which you want to get paid; there are many methods and payment gateways by which you can get paid.
  • Your withdrawal will be processed by the marketplace, and you will get your amount without any hassle.

I hope you liked the article about easy online earning. If you want more articles like this, please share it with others to know that you guys are interested in topics like these.

Will I be writing another article about Getting maximum payments out of Picoworkers? 

Meanwhile, read this article, share it with others, and start earning.

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