Top 5 Most Influential Wins In Indian Men's Cricket


One of the biggest influential wins in Indian Cricket was the first world cup won by India in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil dev.

At that time, nobody gave any chance to the Indian team, but against all odds, India won. It made an enormous impact on the upcoming generations and believed that we could succeed in any situation and every aspect of life.


When Andrew Flintoff waved his shirt in Mumbai, every Indian cricket fan felt humiliated. It was such an unexpected moment for Indian cricket fans.

But then came the NatWest series finale, where the Indian cricket team under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguli showed to the world that we were not going to get bullied by any group or any behavior of an opponent.

The real sign of that was when Ganguli waved his shirt from that famous Lord’s balcony and showed this world we are here to win.

3. 2007 T20 WORLD CUP(venue -SOUTH AFRICA)

The 2007 T20 world cup was one of the significant events which made an enormous impact on Indian Cricket .this tournament gave India the most influential captain and finisher in MS Dhoni, a new superstar in R Sharma . nobody can forget the six sixes in an over to broad by Yuvraj, the bowl out against Pakistan, the final as well.

It made such a significant impact on Indian Cricket that BCCI started its private league, entitled ‘ INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE,’ which gave India a few major cricket players in recent years and helped BCCI in the financial aspect as well.

Overall, the 2007 T20 world cup had a significant impact and influence on Indian Cricket and Indian fans.


Few people will notice the impact of a win in the champions trophy held in England. In that tournament, India won every match, including the practice match, but what stood out was the improvement in the fielding department.

Before that tournament, a few commentators called that the Indian team had some donkey fielders. Still, Indian fielders were among the best in that tournament, which influenced most cricketers in India to work on their fitness and fielding Ability.


It is one of the biggest and most inspirational stories in sporting history. 8 TO 9 significant players were out of the series. India was playing with B team against one of the strongest teams that too against in their den. But sometimes emotions take you higher than your skills, and this series proved that.

Indian players were racially abused, mocked, cricket pundits gave them zero chance, and after the first test match, the whole Cricket made fun of them, but this made the Indian team fiercer. India showed the Never give up attitude, which was never seen before; it will be one of the most influential moments in Indian men’s Cricket.                                           

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