Top 9 Amazing science facts

Science is a broad field, the one who thinks they are experts in areas of science; still are not aware of many facts.

1. Eiffel Tower

The most famous Eiffel Tower, which has been the tallest tower for forty years in Paris. Do you know that the size of the Eiffel Tower increases 15 cm in summer? This happens due to the expansion of molecules and particles the tower is made of; This process is called thermal expansion. When we heat a substance, its particles move away from each other, and the volume of the object increases.

2. The color of the sun

It is challenging to watch the sun, but it looks like the yellowish-orange color when we see the sun. But in reality, the color of the sun is white. Some stains on the earth have a short Wavelength, and due to these colors, the sun looks yellow.

3. Toughest muscle of the body

Do you know the most challenging muscle of your body? that is your tongue. The tong is made of several forces, and it functions 24 hours of the day, even when we are sleeping like our heart. The tong has lingual tonsils, which filter the germs.

4. HH type blood group

We only know about four blood types A, B, AB, and O. But some people don't possess any blood types. There is another blood type called HH, and this blood type is also called Bombay blood type because this blood type was first discovered in a person in Bombay in 1952. A person with HH blood type neither can give nor receive blood from others.

5. Honey

Honey is the only food that can be stored for 3000 years. This happens due to the less amount of water present in honey. Due to less water content, the bacteria present in honey become dehydrated can't spoil the honey.

6. Ears of grasshopper

Have you ever seen any animal that's ears were present in the belly? The grasshopper is the only insect whose ears are present in the stomach. The sound detecting organ means the eardrum of the grasshopper is called the tympanum, which is a thin membrane. The eardrum of the grasshopper is covered by wings, and the wings protect the ears.

7. Octopus blood

Octopus is the only organism with three hearts and nine brains, and also, the blood of the octopus is blue. The two hearts of the octopus pump the blood, and the third one helps in circulation. The color of the blood of octopus is blue because instead of hemoglobin, a pigment called cyanoglbine is present with a high amount of copper. That's why the color of blood is blue.

8. Hot water vs. Coldwater

Hot water freezes more quickly than cold water. Because the evaporation rate of hot water is higher than cold water, less volume remains, which freezes more quickly. The Coldwater surface forms a frost which insulates the Coldwater. The concentration of solute is also different in hot and cold water.

9. Trees vs. stars numbers

The number of trees present on the earth's surface is more than the number of stars current in the Milky Way Galaxy. According to NASA experts, the Milky Way Galaxy has 100_ 400 million stars, but the trees present on earth are 2.4 trillion.

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