Why Is Mughal Garden Called The Paradise Of Delhi?

Situated inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mughal Garden Delhi is one of the most delightful nurseries you will at any point visit. It is additionally called the 'soul' of the Presidential Palace.

The Mughals initially built this wonderful nursery. Sir Edwin Lutyens later overhauled it for Lady Harding. It offers a hypnotizing view that you will always remember, covering more than 13 sections of land with wonderful blossoms, bushes, and spices. The nursery has wellsprings wherever which add to the alleviating climate out there.

As you stroll through the nursery, you will investigate various blossom plants, an assortment of spices, and surprisingly various types of ficus in the bonsai segment.

The nursery additionally has a youngsters' part for them to play and appreciate. The delightful development of the nursery draws a large number of vacationers consistently

Features Of Mughal Garden

  • One of the fundamental attractions of the nursery is the enormous assortment of tulips. The nursery is loaded up with a great many tulips that are imported from the Netherlands and other far-off places. You can find distinctive a wide assortment of tones too. Other than tulips, roses stay to be one of the main blossoms in the nursery. You can spot various shadings and assortments of roses all through the nursery.
  • There are bloom rugs in various tones shown in the focal grass region. This mirrors the inventiveness and abilities of the in-house plan specialists and landscapers who make a solid effort to make the nursery look alluring.
  • To upgrade the magnificence of the nursery, there are drinking fountains all over the place. The wellsprings are totally in a state of harmony with the music beats (for the most part Vandemataram) which are played during the celebration.


Mughal Garden is one of the main nurseries in Delhi. Planned by the Mughals, the nursery is situated inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan Complex. The nursery stays open for public visits from February to March each year.

During this time, you can visit the nursery all week long except Mondays. The section timing is from 9:30 am to 4 pm. All things considered, you don't need to pay anything to enter the nursery.

The most effective method to Reach 

Delhi, as you may know, is all around associated with state-run transports and metros. Consequently, getting to the illustrious nursery shouldn't be an issue. The closest metro station is the Central Secretariat Metro which is only 2 km away from the nursery.

You can either stroll from the metro station to the nursery or essentially book an auto or cart. Assuming you need to go in solace, then, at that point, you can book a taxi to arrive at the nurseries. There is additionally an elective choice and that is to board a state transport. This is generally conservative than a taxi ride.


1. The best and ideal opportunity to visit the Mughal Garden is during celebration time. 

2. You should check the circumstance and date of the celebration online before visiting the nursery. 

3. You should present your belongings including a portfolio, water containers, and sacks before entering the nursery. In this manner, it is smarter to leave your assets at home. 

4. You are not permitted to contact or cull any blossom in the nursery. Ensure that you remember this.

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